FRIENDLY LABEL | Friendly Label Design
Friendly Label is a design agency. If you are looking for logo design, stationery design, brochures or catalogs or anything else design related, we're here to help :)
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Life is just too short for creating mediocre design. We always aim for greatness and for the WOW!! reaction.


We love design and we put our hearts & souls in every single project.


Brand Identity

A brand identity is like a person’s identity. It can be awesome, it can be irresistible, it can be elegant and stylish or it can be flat, common or annoying. Either way, it is a crucial element in a brand’s  life.

Graphic Design

Because all the graphic “accessories” are important and they have a major role to play in the customer’s decision, we will do our best that between your brand and the customer to be love at first sight!

Online identity

Because online world is very dynamic, only dynamic online identities are the big winners. We stand for these types of online identities: flexible, astonishing user-friendly, up-to-date, revolutionary, in a permanent evolution.


Why us

…because we just love to think outside the box…

We know…”Why us” sounds like we are some big shots and have so much to brag about and you should be instantly seduced. It is more like “Why us or why not us”, because we are not the right candidate for everyone, but surely we will be the “right ones” for some of you.