FRIENDLY LABEL | About Friendly Label
Friendly Label is a design agency. If you are looking for logo design, stationery design, brochures or catalogs or anything else design related, we're here to help :)
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About us

Where we are:

We are a small design agency located in Romania, Cluj-Napoca. You will probably say  “these ones are in the middle of nowhere…”. You heard about Romania, but you probably haven’t heard about Cluj-Napoca. We’ll give you a hint: Transylvania and we suppose you definitely know about Bram Stoker’s Dracula, vampires, etc…

We hope for the day when people will say Dracula and for the explanation will use “where Friendly Label headquarter is” …but it will take some time till that day:) But for now, is the other way around.

Since when:

We founded  Friendly Label in 2010. We would like to be able to say that we are designing since 1920, but it is not the case, that is why at some point we thought about using the tagline “Designing since Tuesday”…

Everyone of us started working in  design and web field long before Friendly Label, so don’t be scared, we are not rookies! Although Friendly Label is only 7 years old, it has an experienced and talented (and modest) team to back it up.

What we love

  1. We love what we do, every bit of it…truly, madly, deeply.
  2. We love a job perfectly done. We are perfectionists, we don’t stop till the work is perfect, from our point of view and from the client’s  point of view…sometimes these points of view are not the same and the client is the one with the final decision.
  3. We love and cherish the relations based on respect and trust (both in business and in life).
  4. We like to be organized, to plan everything and to never miss a deadline.
  5. We love life and every little thing about it.

What we don’t like

  1. We don’t like cold, formal, impersonal relationships.
  2. We don’t like to quit.
  3. We don’t like to do a pretty good job, we like to do an awesome job.
  4. We don’t like to be “yes men”.
  5. We don’ like the lies.

The Team


Eliza Piticari

Brand Consultant/Designer

George Dragu

Senior Copywriter / Market Research Consultant

Ingrid Iacob

Account Manager / Project Manager

Peter Erdos

Senior Web Designer / System Administrator