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31 amazing bar logos to inspire you

“So how can you make sure your bar, pub or lounge is the place to be every Friday night? With a pub or bar logo so perfect for your target crowd it gives them FOMO. Whether you’re a cozy pub or a unique bar, your people won’t find you unless you’ve got a logo that shows who you are.”

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6 skills every pro designer needs

“To be a great designer, you need to be creative. But did you know that along with the slew of technical design skills you might already possess (like composition, color theory and software proficiency) you need something called ‘soft skills’? Yep, they’re a thing!”

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30 bakery logos that are totally sweet

Bakeries are the culinary equivalent of puppies: they’ve got everyone’s love and affection. I mean, who doesn’t love pastries and cookies and crusty, delicious, fresh-baked bread?

This is a great collection of different styles of bakery logos.

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26 brown logos that you can depend on

A collection of 26 great logos that uses color brown. With so many bright and eye-catching colors available to choose from, brown rarely comes to mind when picking a logo color. From a design standpoint however, it holds many meanings and can represent important business values.

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