Logo design and print design for a recovery center
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logo design recovery center

About This Project

Peace Valley Recovery is a premier outpatient addiction treatment center located in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They work with individuals over the age of 18 from all types of backgrounds and addiction situations. If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol use that’s impacting your ability to lead a positive, healthy lifestyle, their outpatient treatment center can help.

Peace Valley Recovery’s goal is to help you understand the entire addiction cycle so you can develop new coping skills, recognize triggers and root causes for drug or alcohol use and find your own path to healing and recovery.

The visual identity is oriented towards offering a calming, relaxing and inviting feel. The unique tree reminds of a stained glass painting that plays with the color palette of the beautiful surrounding. The soft, curved lines of the logo suggests hope, caring and empathy. The overall look combines a modern and vibrant vibe with the classical tone of the serif font lines.

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